E-databases Chiang Mai University Library

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Databases of e-books for Basic Science and Clinical Sciences for more than 50 clas. In addition, the databases include Multimedia, Repository, USMLEasy Lite, Medicinal Plant Information Center, Guidelines and Case files for training and accurate application of Clinic and including question and answer, conclusion and main points to be considered when curing patients.
Database of computing, technology and applied science, collected information on engineering knowledge and related research covering content from 1909 to present.
Architectural and art research database, covering architectural design as well as a wide range of art. It offers more than 200 full-text art journals, magazines and books, as well as indexes and abstracts for artists and designers can use it effectively.


Database from e-books include information from administrative and business management, marketing strategy, business planning, investment in a small business, band-building up strategy, social network strategy, and human resource management. The e-books have the books for sale for 50 items (Hard-copy issues are available at a library of the Faculty of Business Administration).


Databases for e-theses for doctor’s degree and master’s degree from USA cover all fields with e-theses for 3,850 titles and can be searched for data during 1997 and the present. Each e-thesis title can be readable by unlimited readers, subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission.


Databases of e-books (original NetLibrary), subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission, can be readable for full-text books in PDF for each person or Download the full text for reading as offline for 7 days per each time.


The platform provides Full-text and PDF formats and also the smart features for example; Highlight and annotation, Printable, Emailing service, Downloadable in PDF and HTML format.


The database of electronic books (e-Books) from publishers around the world, covering disciplines can print, copy, download, and translated into over 40 languages.
Databases for e-books cover Social-Politics and Governance, Economy, Law and other fields of South East Asian countries and can be translated to other languages. รายชื่อหนังสือ จำนวน 31 รายการ Book titles for 31 items.


Oxford Scholarship Online Electronic book database from Oxford University Press.


Databases of e-books for Law, Political Science and Political and Administrative Science, and Mass Communication.


Databases of e-books for fields of Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Science and Psychology by Elsevier B.V. Company have provided data during 1996 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
Databases of e-books cover fields of Science and Medical Technology of Springer Link Press, subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission, have e-books for 1,359 title and this amount is duplicated to e-books that Chiang Mai Universities already purchased for 3,241 titles and being able to search for data during 1994 and 2007.


Databases of full-text e-books consist of books, reports, other documents for more than 1,800 titles and research documents for more than 2,600 titles. A service has been provided since June 2003 with a collaboration of Ingenta, which had created portal for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (SourceOECD) for several years ago (donated by the World Bank).


University Press Scholarship Online Electronic book database from publishing universities around the world.