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Book Reservation

Reservation Service

                If a document from any library in CMU library system , that you would like to borrow,  is already borrowed,  you will be able to make a reservation for it from any library. This process can be done by asking a staff at a circulation counter to manage or to submit a reservation form on your behalf.

Type of materials available:

                All types of books and audio-visual material, except the collection with “not for loan status “  e.g. reference books and rare books.

                Please present your library member card to the staff and provide a call number for a document that you would like to reserve.

Reservation by a library staff:

                The library staff will make a reservation for you and he/she will inform you of the date to receive a document (by looking at a due date of a former borrower).

Submission of a reservation form by yourself:

                The university staff and graduate students from Chiang Mai University are able to submit requisition forms via the online search system, which can be accessed from any location.

                For submission of a reservation form by yourself, you will have to look at a page of the online search system of the library by clicking at icon “Request “  and then typing the first name and last name and your barcode.

Checking for the reservation:

                You will be able to check for the reserved items from CMUL Online Public-Access Catalog, and when the words “ Ready for pickup” appear, you can contact the staff at  the circulation counter to receive the item (s).

                Receiving the reserved items:

                 The reserved document will be kept at the reservation shelf of the circulation counter  for 5 days for general books and for 1 day for reserve books and if you are not able to pick up the book the library will provide a service to the other or move the reserve book to a general shelf.