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Document Delivery Services

Document Delivery Service

Document Delivery Service or DDS is a service aimed to deliver documents (books and other material) borrowed by library members to locations not limited to the actual storage place of the requested documents. It allows members  to receive borrowed documents  from any of the following locations: Faculty Libraries / The Institute/ Main Library at Chiang Mai University according to their request. Users of this service will be able to receive documents during regular office hours within 24 hours after submitting their request.

Qualified users for the services:

University staff  and Chiang Mai University students who are library members.

Type and amount of loan items:              

The amount and type of items for borrowing depends on the classification of the library member.

Borrowing period:          

Borrowing period depends on the classification of the library member.

Service conditions:

(1)    When returning an item after its due date, the library will fine you according to a rule that is announced by the Main Library.

(2)    Undergraduate students from the  Veterinary Science and the Agro-industry Faculties are allowed to submit requisition forms for borrowing books from other faculties in addition to Maehae Campus, except the Medical  Science Library, where it is limited to the 4th-6th year students.

The undergraduate students from all levels of other faculties are able to borrow books from the libraries of Maehae Campus: the Veterinary Science and the Agro-industry Libraries.

Service processes:

(1)    A user fills up required information in the Document Delivery Request Form (DDRF) in Thai or English or submits a form that has already been filled up to the library where he/she intends to receive the documents.

(2)    A library staff receives the form and passes it to the library/libraries where  requested documents are stored.

(3)    The user waits for the documents to be delivered to the library where he/she submitted the DDRF. 

(Document Delivery Request Form : Thai Form -- English Form)