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Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan Service

Qualified users for the service:

                Library members of all types.

Type of resources available:

                Books, texts, research reports, theses, articles.

Number of printed materials  to loan:

                Three items/person (a total of 20 copies per each time for each university).

Loan period:

                One to two weeks.

Service fee:

According to the announcement by Ministry of University Affairs, Subject: an agreement for the service fee of university interlibrary Loan Service  for 2007, a person who would like to receive the service must be responsible for the following items:

-          Loan fee for the original copy of 100 Baht/copy (for delivery the copy by registered mail)

-          Fee for a photocopy of 2 Baht/page

-          Fee for scanning and sending via electronic post system of 5 Baht/page

-          Delivery fee according to the invoice

-          Fee for payment  via a post office  according to Thai post rate


Steps to receive a service (The library will manage processes  for you):


1.       A user fills up information in a form for receiving interlibrary services or submits a form that is already filled up with the required information,  which can be obtained from the library where you intend to receive requested documents.

2.       Contact a staff at a library and pay a deposit (50-100 Baht)/article or 300-500 Baht/photocopies of all book chapters).

3.       When a responsible library staff receives the documents, he/she will contact you to receive the documents. 

Instruction:  Click “download on the form.

Note:  If you would like to borrow by yourself, you must  have a  signature from the interlibrary loan service  librarian in order to get approval to borrow.

Contact us:

                Telephone:         0-5394-4534, 083-322-1353